My Favorite Low-Carb/Keto-Friendly Breads, Buns & Crusts

The health benefits associated with a low-carb, whole food based diet continue to be supported by research and the medical industry.

Medical research is rediscovering the value of the ketogenic lifestyle.

The most important lifestyle change toward reaching ketosis and its health benefits is reducing carbohydrate intake. For most, consuming under 50 grams per day of net carbs (net carbs = total carbs - fiber) is necessary in order to reach ketosis. This might sound like a daunting task, but with the continued rise in popularity of low carb/ketogenic lifestyles, it's easier than ever before.

The food industry has caught on and more and more low-carb, ketogenic-friendly breads and other products are now available. As a supporter and follower of this dietary protocol, my clients and I have sampled many of the low carb options on the market and would like to share our favorites with you. Keto-friendly breads and crusts are particularly popular, which add a sense of ease to transitioning from the Standard American Diet to a LCHF (low carb/high fat) or keto lifestyle.

1. Fox Hill Kitchens

What if you're tired of having your burger wrapped in lettuce or collards, but committed to your keto lifestyle? Try Fox Hill Kitchens buns next time. They're hamburger bun size, soft, yet stable enough to hold your burger and juicy toppings!

Perfect for anyone avoiding dairy, gluten, soy, grain, carbohydrates, and additives, Fox Hill Kitchens Large Awesome Bunz help you enjoy sandwiches without sacrificing flavor or your keto lifestyle. The company also offers keto-friendly versions of bagels and croutons.

Low-carb, keto-friendly breads and buns are often made with almond flour.

2. Outer Aisle

These are our favorite cauliflower-based products on the market. There are a few available in health food stores and online, but this one has the best macros and they're delicious. Now you can have pizza and stay keto too!

In addition to pizza crusts, the company makes crackers and sandwich thins, so you can make more of your favorite recipes and snacks keto-friendly without sacrificing convenience, taste, or texture. The products are naturally gluten-free, low-carb, low-calorie, and have no artificial ingredients.

3. Siete Amazing Grain Free Tortillas

These are a hit in our house. They're awesome with eggs, for making quesadillas, wrap sandwiches or baking and cutting into chips. Made from almond flour, these keto-friendly tortillas are grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. All you have to do is warm them up and wrap them around your favorite keto fillings. Convenient and versatile, they’re a terrific addition to the keto lifestyle kitchen.

Grain-free tortillas are fantastic for wrapping up your favorite keto ingredients.

4. Julian Bakery

This bread has been a game changer for many of my clients following a low carb or keto lifestyle. With a hankering for sandwiches on a weekly basis, they're sailing through their keto meal plans with ease and satisfaction. This company offer breads, cereals and snacks made with coconut flour and almond flour. With Julian Bakery bread, you can stay low carb while still enjoying your avocado toast or grilled cheese. Sandwiches with bread may have once been a major obstacle to achieving a keto lifestyle, but with these products, that is no longer the case.

Implementing a low carb/low sugar dietary protocol has been shown to be very effective for weight loss, suppression of appetite, and reversal of type 2 diabetes. But since Americans are used to following the SAD, high-carb way of eating, it's hard time imagine life without bread, buns, and tortillas. Fortunately, more companies are meeting the burgeoning demand for lower carb containing foods and are developing versions of these basic foods that fit into a keto lifestyle. If you have questions about the ketogenic lifestyle or low carb/high fat eating, we encourage you to contact us at any time.

About the Author: Lisa Jubilee

Lisa Jubilee

Lisa Jubilee is a New York State Certified Dietician-Nutritionist, who has been counseling individuals on sustainable weight management and disease prevention for over 20 years. Her mission is to empower individuals to obtain healthy food relationships and to clearly understand the concept of food as medicine. Lisa chose to create a functional nutrition practice where what, why and how we eat are all part of the conversation. There is no One-Size-Fits-All dietary approach, but Ms Jubilee has experienced great success utilizing specific dietary protocols such as intermittent fasting, time restricted eating, low carb/ketogenic dietary regimens and AIP (autoimmune protocol) in her practice.

In 2005, Lisa co-created Living Proof Nutrition Strength Pilates, a private nutrition, HIST (high intensity strength training) and Pilates studio, located in midtown Manhattan. The inspiration behind Living Proof was to create a private fitness and wellness space, where the importance of nutrition and functional movement are emphasized in tandem.

As of March 2020, in order to continue to service her clients and the public at large during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ms Jubilee is offering all of her nutrition counseling and support services remotely. Feel free to contact Lisa with any questions: