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We Are Living Proof

Living Proof is a private studio located in the heart of midtown (10022) New York City. We provide personalized diet and nutrition programs, metabolic testing, High Intensity Strength Training and Pilates.
Our three departments can be utilized singly or in combination, according to your needs and preferences.

We work with people of all ages, sizes, and skill levels, treating each client in individually customized, one-on-one sessions.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and empower people at all stages of life to take control of their health and vitality through approachable, affordable and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle practices.

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

At Living Proof it’s all about efficiency. Efficiency of time. Efficiency of effort. Efficiency of investment. There are countless diet and exercise programs out there. Many of these can indeed work, given time and effort. What sets Living Proof apart is our dedication to bringing together all the ingredients you need, in one setting, to achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Nutrition, Strength Training, and Pilates all in one convenient, private, Midtown NYC studio.

Maybe you are ready to schedule a program or perhaps you have additional questions not answered here on our site, or a unique set of circumstances you’d like to discuss with one of our staff? Please contact us with any and all inquiries. Simply direct your question to whichever department you feel most closely represents your needs.

If you are ready to schedule a program or consultation, just fill out the form and fill the name of the of the program in the subject box.

Our greatest thrill is helping those who feel they fall outside the norm when it comes to nutrition and fitness. We understand. We’ve been there!


Our private facility

Clean. Sophisticated. Modern.
  • We provide a temperature controlled environment where you’ll likely not break a sweat
  • We have two dressing rooms and a shower should you require them
  • Our space is private so there will be few others there during your session
  • Living Proof is a clean, sophisticated, and modern facility with comfortable lighting and non-intrusive music
  • We create an atmosphere conducive to focused work and private one-on-one interaction

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