How To Lose Excess Body Fat for Health & Wellness

Losing weight in a healthy and sustainable fashion is one of the most challenging endeavors to accomplish. Despite the endless programs, products, trends and gadgets that promise quick and easy weight loss, maintaining the results is what most people struggle with the most.

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Why is it so hard to lose body fat permanently?

  • Genetics: They play a role in how easily a person gains or loses weight. Some people may have a more difficult time losing weight due to their genetic makeup

  • Hormonal imbalances: Our hormones play a very significant role in how our bodies function, particularly weight management, appetite control and the many metabolic functions they control. Hormone imbalances can make it difficult to lose weight. For example, low levels of thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism) can slow down metabolism, making it harder to lose body fat. Elevated insulin levels or insulin resistance can also make it challenging to shed excess body fat.

  • Age: As a person gets older, their metabolism tends to slow down, due to hormonal changes and loss of muscle, which can make it harder to lose weight in the form of body fat.

  • Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions, such as lipedema, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and Cushing's syndrome, can make it more difficult to lose weight.

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    What Are the Health Risks of Having Excess Body Fat?

    Not all excess body fat raises one’s risk for certain health conditions, but excess body fat, especially abdominal fat (also known as visceral fat), has been linked to an increased risk of several serious health conditions, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and certain types of cancer such as breast cancer, colon cancer, and endometrial cancer.

    Since each individual’s food relationship and history is unique, the protocol to achieve sustainable fat loss for their improved  health and wellness should be as well. Even if you’ve been prescribed one of the popular weight loss medications like Ozempic, Wegovy, Saxenda or Mounjaro, medications can not replace regular physical activity, optimal nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle in order to support sustained weight/fat loss.
    Our holistic nutritionist, Lisa Jubilee provides a customized approach to her nutrition counseling and meal planning so that each of her clients experiences a personalized nutrition and eating plan that they can lose (body fat) and live on.

    Some of Lisa's modalities include:
  • Intermittent Fasting/Time Restricted Eating
  • Food Elimination Protocols
  • Anti-inflammatory Meal Plans
  • LCHF/Ketogenic Lifestyles

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    Meet Our Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist for Weight/Fat loss in NYC

    Lisa Jubilee

    Lisa Jubilee

    Holistic Nutritionist

    Lisa Jubilee is a New York State Certified Dietician-Nutritionist, who has been counseling individuals on sustainable weight management and disease prevention for over 20 years. Her mission is to empower individuals to obtain healthy food relationships and to clearly understand the concept of food as medicine. Lisa chose to create a functional nutrition practice where what, why and how we eat are all part of the conversation. There is no One-Size-Fits-All dietary approach, but Ms Jubilee has experienced great success utilizing specific dietary protocols such as intermittent fasting, time restricted eating, low carb/ketogenic dietary regimens and AIP (autoimmune protocol) in her practice.

    In 2005, Lisa co-created Living Proof Nutrition Strength Pilates, a private nutrition, HIST (high intensity strength training) and Pilates studio, located in midtown Manhattan. The inspiration behind Living Proof was to create a private fitness and wellness space, where the importance of nutrition and functional movement are emphasized in tandem.

    As of March 2020, in order to continue to service her clients and the public at large during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Jubilee has shifted to offering all of her nutrition counseling and support services remotely on a permanent basis. Feel free to contact Lisa with any questions: Lisa@livingproofnyc.com

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