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Pilates Studio in NYC, New York

Learn to move more efficiently from your core.

Pilates NYC is one of the most highly effective forms of exercise for overall body conditioning and relaxation, an innovative mind-body regimen that has been praised by ballet master George Balanchine, professional football and hockey players, and novice practitioners alike.

Living Proof is partnering with YouTrain to offer approachable Pilates NYC sessions that are efficient and effective.

Improve Your Posture
Improve Your Posture
Cultivate Leaner Muscles
Cultivate Leaner Muscles
Gain Greater Body Alignment
Gain Greater Body Alignment

When you connect your movements with your breath, you will begin to move with less effort and more fluidity .

Our clients run the gamut from male and female professionals and athletes to injured and elderly individuals. Pilates can help improve your tennis or golf game and make running less painful.

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Best Pilates Studios NYC

Our Best Pilates Studio NYC offers one-on-one sessions utilizing the classic Pilates equipment, including the Cadillac, the Reformer, and the Wunda Chair. We also incorporate a number of smaller props, like the Magic Circle, the Jump Board, Maureen Fleming Elastixx, and TRX.

1-1 or group virtual sessions are available for those who aren’t local to NYC.

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Clint Bigham

Clint Bigham

Founder of YouTrain and a Personal Trainer

Right now, you may feel like you’re spread a bit thin. You want to take control of your wellbeing, but the industry tells you that fitness is a lifestyle. Experience efficient virtual sessions with YouTrain. This will only take 30 minutes.

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Clint combines his expertise in Pilates with low-impact, high-intensity strength training to provide you with an effective way to gain strength and get toned.

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