It’s A Decision, Not Willpower

Fuel for Thought, by Michael Todd Hudson
          Creating or making improvements may not have the slightest thing to do with “willpower.” It is far easier and better, to implement daily habits instead of relying on willpower or discipline. Let’s say you rise at 6:00 am most mornings. It is not willpower rather a simple decision, which has you rising at 5:50 to do 3-4 reps of a full, slow squat and deep breathing as opposed to punching the snooze button. It is not willpower rather a simple decision, to have water in the morning and wait a little while, before you throw back the coffee.
It is not willpower rather a simple decision, to not overeat for several weeks, in order to achieve a fat loss goal. It is not willpower rather a simple decision, to engage in progressive resistance training, in order to contribute to a fat loss goal. (Or any goal for that matter). Ask yourself, what is more important? A long term result or temporary indulgence? If it is the result, then you just made an easy decision and so called willpower was not involved. Don’t burden yourself unnecessarily with the concept of “willpower.” Rather make small decisions each day so, that they become an easy habit.  

About the Author: Michael Todd Hudson

Michael Todd Hudson

Michael had begun to supervise a few friends at a gym in 2003 in Virginia.

He’d been certified through the Super Slow Exercise Guild though he never had liked the term Super Slow and felt much of the material was too dogmatic. However He did not like what else was out there either. He saw Super Slow as a valid and safe way to teach someone, how to begin to exercise.

His Philosophy is so simple - don’t injure anyone, like the Hippocratic oath, “Do no harm.”

An opportunity arose in 2003 and he ventured to New York. He’d been involved with two other studios, which were involved with strength training though he didn’t really free, to implement his own ideas.

He then went to Germany twice to live in 2013 and 2014, to teach exercise and freelance in English teaching. He feels, that teaching exercise in another language improved his ability Since October 2015 he has been part of Living Proof NYC.

Michael believes in safety first. He has no client ever do anything, which poses the threat of injury. This is, why He is not a fan of Crossfit and so called “functional training.” He will make it easy for you to understand and implement. Message him and begin.