Hormone Nutritionist in New York, NY

Customized nutrition plans to help you balance your hormone levels and make healthier choices.

Hormonal imbalance occurs when the level of your hormones is either too high or too low. Even a minor imbalance can affect your body in a variety of ways, for hormones play a significant role in delivering messages to your vital organs - letting the body know what to do and when to do it.

At Living proof NYC, we have a certified dietitian-nutritionist who offers online hormone nutrition counseling so you can keep your hormones in check and make healthier choices for optimal hormone balance.

Balance Your Hormones with a Professionally Created Diet Plan

Our nutritionist, Lisa Jubilee, identifies the symptoms of the hormonal imbalance by examining your current symptoms, dietary habits, and lifestyle routines and by reviewing your blood labs. She then works to create a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan suitable for you.

Hormonal Imbalance

How Do Diet Changes Address Hormonal Imbalances?

Intake of the right nutrition is essential for attaining the best health results. These includes:

  • Quality diet consisting of increased nutrient density
  • Intake of supplements that help support restoring hormones
  • Following the rainbow diet plan
  • Eating foods that support healthy hormones levels, including stress hormones
  • Managing intake of stimulants like caffeine and sugar
Hormonal Imbalance Diet

Contact us at Living Proof NYC if you are having hormonal imbalance issues and looking to improve your relationship with food.

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Lisa Jubilee

Meet Our Certified, Holistic Nutritionist and Dietitian in New York City,

Lisa Jubilee


Our nutritionist, Lisa Jubilee, has earned Best Nutritionist in New York, so you can be assured that we will make the best-personalized plan for your health goals. Some of Ms. Jubilee’s specialities include weight control, hormone health, and ketogenic dietary regimens. She is also experienced in working with clients from BIPOC communities and diverse backgrounds. Ms. Jubilee takes a practical approach and educates people to understand that food is also medicine for the body.

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