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High cholesterol occurs when fat deposits (lipids) in your blood vessels accumulate and make it difficult for enough blood to flow through your arteries. Lowering your cholesterol level is necessary if you want to reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

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What Are the Factors that Heavily Influence High Cholesterol?

There is a combination of factors that will contribute to the development of high cholesterol in your body. This includes behavioral factors such as diet, rate of physical activity, and smoking. It also includes other factors such as gender, age, and family history.

Heavily Influence High Cholesterol

Foods to Avoid for High Cholesterol

Our certified dietitian-nutritionist will create a diet plan to address your high cholesterol concerns - every plan will be unique to you. In general, an effective diet to lower cholesterol will limit or exclude:

  • Inflammatory fats found in processed foods, deep-fried food, etc.
  • Food items that are extremely high in trans fat
  • Highly processed dairy products
  • Saturated vegetable oils
  • Food containing a high amount of refined sugar and sodium
Foods to Avoid for High Cholesterol

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During the online one-on-one session, our nutritionist-dietitian will listen to your story and customize a unique plan that meets the demands of your body and lifestyle, along with empowering you to make more informed choices.

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Lisa Jubilee

Lisa Jubilee

Holistic Nutritionist

Lisa Jubilee, MS, CDN, is a Certified Dietician-Nutritionist with over 20 years of experience in counseling clients and empowering them to have healthier food relationships. Ms. Jubilee creates customized plans and specializes in a variety of modalities which includes the autoimmune protocol (AIP), ketogenic and low carb diets, and intermittent fasting.

If you have high cholesterol or want to start a healthier journey, book an online consultation with Lisa Jubilee, our nutritionist at Living Proof NYC.

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