Why HIST? By guest blogger, certified HIST personal trainer, Michael Hudson. Living Proof NYC High Intensity Strength Training client working out At the top of the list, in regards to components of fitness, strength needs to be the #1 priority. It needs to be done safely, so you can enjoy the benefits for years, even decades to come.
Exercise should serve to increase resistance to injury, NEVER to be the cause of an injury. Do a Google search about Cross Fit and the like and you will come across quite a few websites and blogs addressing why people STOP doing Cross Fit. They are being hurt and injured literally left and right. I admit, that I am perplexed, as to why the majority of people continue to believe, that large amounts of time are required, in order to achieve a significant benefit from strength training. An hour a day or more is not necessary. With a basic strength program, you can achieve tremendous benefits in 60-90 minutes through the week; not each day. The more intense you exercise, (with safety in mind) the less you require. It is not, that you should exercise less, it is mandatory that you curtail the amount so you achieve the benefits, HIST (high intensity strength training) will complement and serve to improve your sport and recreational activities. An increase in strength will carry over to your chosen sport, recreational as well as your every day physical activities. A stronger athlete is a better athlete. HIST also has positive benefits for:
Insulin sensitivity and blood sugar issues. Glycogen (glucose stored the skeletal muscles and liver) is the fuel for short and intense training. HIST is a way to "eat up" that excess glucose. The majority eat too much sugar anyway.
By NOT consuming excess sugar in the diet and participating in a HIST program, you have THE way to control blood sugar issues. Osteoporosis is an issue, which strength training can and does help. It is a safe way to target skeletal muscle, which in turns has a positive effect on the supporting connective tissue and bone mass. OK now... what is “it?”The answer is in the question. HIST is physical strength training, of which the effort (intensity of effort, to be very specific) is of a high degree.It places quality of exercise over quantity of exercise.  It means - you exercise hard!!  At the same time, you exercise with complete safety.HIST is not plyometrics, Crossfit or anything explosive. (read - potentially dangerous)

HIST is not a program per se, rather it is a guideline to follow, be it months, years or decades.

On the average it is conducted once or twice a week, or a better way to look at it is to use HIST every 4 or 5 days, while you live a life in between.

It is hard to describe it. HIST is something that really needs to be seen being performed by someone well versed in it or better still, to feel it yourself.

There is nothing to be apprehensive of. I will frequently say to people, “If you’ve gone through a really good HIST session, you will know that you worked out.  However you will not be wiped out.”

There are TOO many benefits of HIST, to pass it up. minutes-a-week/ exercise/sarcopenia-exercise.html young/keeping-muscles-young.html
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About the Author: Lisa Jubilee

Lisa Jubilee

Lisa Jubilee is a New York State Certified Dietician-Nutritionist, who has been counseling individuals on sustainable weight management and disease prevention for over 20 years. Her mission is to empower individuals to obtain healthy food relationships and to clearly understand the concept of food as medicine. Lisa chose to create a functional nutrition practice where what, why and how we eat are all part of the conversation. There is no One-Size-Fits-All dietary approach, but Ms Jubilee has experienced great success utilizing specific dietary protocols such as intermittent fasting, time restricted eating, low carb/ketogenic dietary regimens and AIP (autoimmune protocol) in her practice.

In 2005, Lisa co-created Living Proof Nutrition Strength Pilates, a private nutrition, HIST (high intensity strength training) and Pilates studio, located in midtown Manhattan. The inspiration behind Living Proof was to create a private fitness and wellness space, where the importance of nutrition and functional movement are emphasized in tandem.

As of March 2020, in order to continue to service her clients and the public at large during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ms Jubilee is offering all of her nutrition counseling and support services remotely. Feel free to contact Lisa with any questions: