Nutrition services

  • Free Intro Q & A chat

    Let’s take 15-20 minutes to get acquainted and see how I can help you optimize your health and wellness.

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Consult $195
    • A 90 minute comprehensive online consultation

    • 75-minute consultation
    • Body composition analysis
    • Food journal review
    • Personalized nutrition & lifestyle tips
  • Nutrition Accountability Package $200

    4 remote follow up sessions (30 minutes each) scheduled weekly or bi-monthly

    During a 30-minute session, we’ll discuss your current food choices, sabotaging eating habits, grocery purchases, emotional-eating triggers, meal planning and other topics. Experience personalized nutrition support in the comfort of your own home.

  • 10 Week Nutrition Support Package $500

    Experience guided support, a customized meal plan and lifestyle strategies for long term results.

    Experience guided support, a customized meal plan and lifestyle strategies for long term results.


HIST Sessions

  • Pricing varies from trainer to trainer

    Pricing varies from trainer to trainer

  • First session is  FREE

    First session is FREE

  • Try it and see for yourself!

    Try it and see for yourself!


What our clients are saying

Andie Safon – Nov 27, 2018

Lisa is highly skilled no doubt, but her energy, understanding, and openness is extra special. I'm so grateful to have met her and to have her be part of my health and fitness practice. If you're interested in taking your nutrition and fitness to the next level, want to improve your relationship with food, or even just want to spend time with a knowledgable professional in the field, I highly recommend seeing Lisa!

I am so blessed to have been introduced to Lisa on my fitness and health journey. Her advice has been priceless, her enthusiasm boundless, and her encouragement unrelenting. I have regained my confidence and positive outlook on life in the few months since I met Lisa. I highly recommend Living Proof to anyone needing a gentle guiding hand in your life's journey.
Danielle Z. – Yelp Review
Working with Lisa has been life changing. I have struggled with weight loss and binge eating pretty much my whole life. After trying many different diets I usually get to the same plateau on my weight, end up giving up in frustration, and usually putting all the weight back on. About a year ago I decided to give keto a try and hit my usual weight loss wall. This time around I decided to make a change and get some help from Lisa. Since working with Lisa (about 5 months now), I have lost over 20 pounds and 10% body fat. Not only have I lost weight and fat but the whole composition of my body has changed in such a drastic and positive way that friends and family members have reached out to Lisa to make appointments. Currently I am about 15 pounds under my usual plateau weight and my body has yet to slow down. Before meeting with Lisa I felt as if I was white knuckling a diet, trying so hard to stay in control of it. With her help and guidance I have been following this new lifestyle with absolute ease. I do not feel hungry or restricted ever. She helped me tweak what I thought was Keto into an actual whole foods oriented sustainable healthy way of living. She has guided me through what caloric intake, macros breakdown, workouts, etc are good for ME and MY BODY. She has such a positive upbeat attitude that even when I have a bad weigh in week she will talk me through it and I always walk out of her office feeling better. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for any type of nutritional services!!

I truly liked your MELT workshop Allison and thinking I need to do another with you. My knee was terrific! I was able to walk home which is over a mile, something I haven’t been able to do for years. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure meeting you and so thankful to be able to walk without knee pain!


Lisa, I feel that you have prepared me well and that I now have a very sensible eating approach. In fact, you have finally helped me do what I have been trying to do for the last 25 years—eat healthy and stop yo-yoing. I continue to lose weight and feel good about that. I will return if I stray, but I feel confident that I will be able to continue on this path. Please continue to send me your emails about your Faves. Thanks for everything!