Nutrition Counseling in Midtown, NY

Lisa Jubilee, MS, CDN provides individualized nutrition counseling in our private Midtown, NYC studio.

Nutrition is nature’s medicine, the most efficient path to sustained weight control, balanced hormones, a strong immune system and vibrant energy. Our nutritionist, Lisa Jubilee takes a functional approach to nutrition counseling by addressing not only what you should be eating, but the various food and lifestyle rituals you practice that impact how your body assimilates what you eat.


As the rates of diabetes, cancer, allergies and obesity continue to rise in correlation with the increase in toxins present in our environment and food supply, it is more imperative than ever for the you to take more control of your health through your food and lifestyle choices. That’s why our nutritionist in Midtown (10022) NY, has formulated her consulting practice around helping each individual implement dietary and lifestyle improvements to prevent disease and achieve sustainable weight loss.

Some of Lisa’s modalities include:

  1. Intermittent fasting
  2. Food Elimination protocols
  3. Anti-inflammatory meal plans
  4. LCHF/Ketogenic lifestyles

How we think, move and interact on a daily basis strongly influences our body’s ability to function optimally. The science of epigenetics continues to prove that we have a great deal of control over our health and well being, despite our genetic coding. At Living Proof, our nutritionist in Midtown (10022), NY knows it’s hard to keep up with the hectic demands of NYC life and stay committed to your health. That’s why Lisa provides a holistic and personalized approach to optimize your success. In addition, Lisa will keep you up to date on the latest nutrition and medical research, allowing you to stay empowered and informed to optimize your success.

Learn to love eating for the health of it!


Metabolic testing reveals how efficient your body is at burning energy (calories).

Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) refers to the amount of energy expended while at rest, i.e. the energy required to sustain life: regulation of temperature, heart rate, breathing and neural transmission. This energy accounts for about 60-70% of the calories we burn each day. Metabolic testing measures your RMR, and will determine how efficient your body is at burning energy/calories on a daily basis. An efficient metabolism promotes sustainable fat loss and muscle growth.

  • We use the Metacheck by Korr to measure your resting metabolic rate.
  • It’s a simple 10-minute breathing test; results are available immediately after completion.

food therapy

WHY we eat what we eat is the foundation of eating behavior.

My nutrition counseling approach has been referred to as food therapy, due to my focus on my clients’ food and eating history (going back to childhood), their current relationship with food and their various lifestyle practices and habits. What we eat has a profound impact on our health and well-being. The new science of epigenetics is shedding light on this topic. We literally are what we eat, but our lifestyle choices and habits as well as how we think have an impact on our entire being.

If most people ate solely to nourish their body, food therapy would be unnecessary.

Everyone experiences some degree of emotional eating. If we are ever to tackle the current obesity epidemic, why we eat what we eat is the main question that needs an answer. I derive these answers through counseling, an approach I call food therapy. Everyone has a story, and although these stories often spring from similar roots, we experience them differently and cope with them in varying ways. My task is to offer practical solutions to my clients by arming them with a functional nutrition approach and better understanding of why they choose what they eat and the implications it has for their health.


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Nutrition Programs NYC

We have a nutrition program for you. Our affordable plan options target varying goals, challenges and requirements such as fat loss, muscle gain, eating disorders, food relationships, food allergies, sensitivities, dietary restrictions and more. Whichever nutrition program you choose, it will be customized to the unique demands of your body and lifestyle; setting you on the path to more informed choices and better health.

  • The Metabolic Test


    A 30-minute consultation including a 10-minute Korr Medical metabolic test, review of your results and tips on how to utilize that information to maximize your health and fitness goals.

  • The Basic Nutrition Consult


    If you’re simply looking for a professional opinion on your nutrition regimen or are considering making some minor body-composition changes, we offer a 60-minute consultation that includes body-fat analysis, food-journal review, and overall nutrition recommendations. Having a second set of professional eyes on your current plan could be the key to you reaching your next level of fitness and wellness.

  • The Metabolic Starter


    A 90-minute consultation designed for those who are just getting started on a weight-loss or fitness plan or anyone who has hit a weight plateau. Understanding how your metabolism is functioning will determine how well your body is burning energy (i.e. calories). Once you have this data, you’ll be able to pursue the appropriate nutrition and fitness regimen that coincides with your body composition and health goals with precision. In addition to the Korr Medical metabolic test, this consultation includes a body-fat analysis and an assessment of your 5-7 day food journal. You will leave this consultation knowing how many calories your body burns daily and what foods to consume for optimal well being.

  • The Customized Nutrition Program


    If you have health issues, any type of significant body-composition goals, or want to learn how to finally develop a healthy relationship with food, this customized plan is for you. It starts with two 60-minute appointments. The first is an assessment appointment, used to obtain all pertinent info on you, including a body fat analysis, resting metabolic rate test and a review of your current eating and lifestyle habits.
    About a week after your assessment appointment, you come back in for your second session, which is when you receive your custom-designed meal plan. Weekly or bi-monthly 30-minute follow up sessions are not included, but highly recommended. These sessions are where progress is assessed, meal plan adjustments are made and behavior modification strategies are implemented to enable you to attain your goals with comfort and ease. It’s your plan and only yours!

  • In-Office, Virtual and Phone Sessions


    $240 for commitment pack of 4 sessions


    Now you don’t have to let long work hours, family obligations or inconvenience stop you from receiving support and guidance while pursuing your nutrition and health goals. If you can’t make it to my office, let me come to you through Skype, FaceTime or a phone call. During a 30-minute session, we’ll discuss your week’s food choices, sabotaging eating habits, grocery purchases, dining-out strategies, emotional-eating triggers and other topics. Experience personalized nutrition support in the comfort of your own home.