Pilates consists of a series of controlled movements that flow through a large range of motions in order to better your body, especially your core. People of any age, from beginners to professional athletes, can do Pilates. Our seasoned instructors recommend one-on-one sessions customized to your individual needs. We offer a range of NYC private pilates programs to suit the experience of any client.

Classic Pilates Studio New York, NY

Classic Pilates | Private session $110 | 10-pack $1000

A classic 55 minute NYC private pilates program for the beginner or intermediate practitioner. You will utilize a Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Chair, and Mat based routine, to improve core strength and flexibility. This NYC private pilates program will leave you feeling long, strong, and relaxed.


Pilates Power Stretch Studio New York, NY

Pilates Power/Stretch | Private session $75 | 10-pack $700

This 30 minute NYC private pilates program is perfect for anyone with a lot of passion for Pilates, but not a lot of time. You can use this NYC private pilates program to either focus on a power packed half hour, or a more restorative stretching session. In order to get the most out of this short time, some Pilates experience is beneficial. A great, quick NYC lunch hour workout.


Pilates Physical Therapy Studio New York, NY

“P.T.” Pilates Therapy | Private session $110 | 10-pack $1000

This 55 minute NYC private pilates program is ideal for those 65 and over or for anyone recovering from an injury. Movement at a slow, gentle pace is encouraged, and special attention is paid to healing the injury and other affected areas. Also a great package for those seeking to improve their posture. Strong, good posture is essential in preventing injury and living a pain free life. Whatever your ailment, this private pilates program will allow you to get around the NYC streets with confidence, and give you a better quality of life.


Pilates for Athletes Studio New York, NY

Pilates for Athletes | Private session $110 | 10-pack $1000

A customized 55 minute NYC private pilates program based on the specific needs of your game. This NYC private pilates program will vastly improve your endurance, speed, power, and agility. Whatever your sport, this power package will be geared to keeping you injury free and strong for your game.


Pilates Extreme | Private session $110 | 10-pack $1000

Our signature 55 minute NYC private pilates program is designed for the more advanced practitioner. Flip, twist, and stretch your way to a deeper, stronger practice. Leave the studio after this private pilates session, and walk the NYC streets with a spring in your step, feeling exhilarated.


Pre-Natal Pilates | Private session $110 | 10-pack $1000

This 55 minute NYC private pilates program is customized to the needs of your pregnancy and your delivery plan.  A NYC private pilates program can build the strength you need to make your pregnancy and delivery significantly easier. It will also keep you so fit, which will make it easier to get back to your pre-pregnancy body. You’ll leave this private pilates program feeling pampered and ready to face the hustle of your NYC day.


MELT Method | Individual session $65

A private 30-minute hand/foot treatment. Reduce the effects of accumulated tension and stress. Balance your nervous system and connective tissue. Click Here to learn more about the MELT Method as seen on Dr. Oz.