Your workout will be intense, but you’ll only be here for a little while. These are hallmarks of our approach. While you’re here, however, you’ll be comfortable, and that’s also part of the efficiency equation. Your focus will be the work, without distractions.

Our High Quality / High Intensity Studio

We provide a temperature-controlled environment where you’ll likely not break a sweat, but we have two dressing rooms and a shower should you require them. Our space is private, so there will be few others there during your session. We provide a clean, sophisticated, modern facility with comfortable lighting and non-intrusive music, creating an atmosphere conducive to focused work and private one-on-one interaction with your trainer.

Studio Highlights

  • Exclusive use of MedX machines
  • Comfortable temperature-controlled environment
  • Two dressing rooms
  • Shower and towels
  • Private
  • Modern
  • Clean
  • Convenient